Adversity and Hardship with Jesse Meester

Adversity and Hardship with Jesse Meester

We all face adversity and hardship which are uncontrollable and unfavorable through our journey in life. In the face of these circumstances, we must notice that these hardships are just mere moments in time, they do not last, that these moments are designed to inspire and teach you something. Life is happening for you, not to you.⁣

Personally, I am grateful for all the adversities in my life because it always has been my greatest teacher. It has helped me figure out what my dreams are, what I wish to accomplish during my life time and has helped me become more responsible. ⁣

You may not be responsible for everything that happens in your life, but you are 100% responsible for how you react to those situations. Your current situation may have been the result of the choices you’ve made or things you had no control over. But it’s your decision if you want to stay there or take on the responsibility to make a change.⁣

Do not degrade the hard work you put in everyday and don’t undervalue the purpose you have in life. Rewards will be plentiful if we are able to endure and persevere through our current situations.⁣

With love,

Jesse Meester

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