I met Jesse Meester as my personal trainer 3 years ago when I was unhappy with my weight and the way I felt about myself. Once Jesse mentioned he was writing this book, I asked him to include my testimonial because I want everyone to know what he did for me and what he can do for you! He didn’t just help me lose 20 lbs, but he also changed my life. I hope this message reaches you and inspires you to move forward in this book. It made sense that he won the Dutch Fitness Awards in 2018. As a personal trainer in Amsterdam, he had the highest rating in his city from clients. He is an inspiration to many through his social media @jessemeester, podcast, international speaking and coaching on jessemeester. com. I’m sure I missed some things, but you get my point.

With him being involved in philanthropy projects, he doesn’t have a a lot of time left for personal training anymore. One might think he’s too busy now, however he has helped me and many others through consistent content around how to lose weight and maintain a new healthy lifestyle. Jesse is always seeking better ways to help more people and I’m captivated by his energy and good spirit.

With obesity being a large concern amongst many today, I can assure you that reading and implementing this book into your everyday routine will lead to better focus and better health. Losing weight is a pressing social issue. We are constantly confronted with the illusion of perfect bodies on social media. There is an ideal image seen in the magazines and on every social media platform you turn to. Regaining control and responsibility over our bodies and minds will only lead to a multitude of healthy choices being made in the future.

I, myself have been stuck for 20 years. I now eat once at the end of the day. How is that possible? Jesse taught me food stands for energy and regeneration. If you know exactly what food your body needs at specific times to perform at its best, this consciousness will automatically prevent yourself from overeating. It’s that simple!

Jesse Meester has a proven track record around weight loss, health, and nutrition which should should prove that a solution is near. In this 

book, he is going to show you not only how to use Intermittent Fasting scientifically and lose weight quickly, but in addition also give you a wide variety of methods to take control over your health and mind with his applied psychology background.

To inspire you on this new journey, here’s my transformation:

Because of Jesse I’m alive. I am forever thankful for his help and I can not stress enough how much I recommend this book and coaching to anyone.

Robin B.

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