Fight For Justice

Society so often tries to divide us, because people divided are easier to suppress, but when we awaken to the injustices which surround us and come together in the form of collective action we can challenge the very fabric of society. That’s why i’m grateful for my members only community where we elevate together.

Remember: real recognize real. There’s a lot of injustice in this world by the system and the people in it. Don’t be a part of the system and remain silent. You can join my community to make a difference in your own life and those of others. So far we have helped people take control of their own life, make more money, got land to plant trees, helped veterans who fought for the very freedom we now enjoy, raised funds for hurricane Michael and other natural disasters, currently directly involved with the #savesoil by @sadhguru and so much more. Life is all about impact and helping where we can.

Many of you are aware I’m also helping innocent people, like @joe_exotic, now for almost 2 years. There’s so much new evidence, perjury and clarity on crimes committed by others he should not be sitting there right now. Joe asked me to speak more on his behalf. The incredible legal team is working hard and my team will be streaming 24/7 on Youtube to share all these new details with you. In September he has his oral hearing. Grateful to have @cobratate on-board and with the current team we are unstoppable. It's time for the people to stand up against injustice and support Joe Exotic who has been there for us.
Link for stream!
Free Joe Exotic x Jesse Meester 

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