Fractional Real Estate Investing with Azqira Global x Jesse Meester

Fractional Real Estate Investing with Azqira Global x Jesse Meester

The team is growing faster than ever here at Azqira and with so many new faces coming on board we thought it might be time to introduce you to a few of those who we’re most excited about. Jesse Meester has recently joined as a strategic partner, brand ambassador and investor. His career has been dotted with a variety of exciting twists and turns, spending time as an actor, an entrepreneur, a player in the real estate space and a crypto aficionado among many other things. We sat down with Jesse to discuss how he got here and why Azqira has him so excited. 


You’re somewhat of a serial entrepreneur having your own podcast, being a writer, and selling real estate amongst many things. How did you fall into the crypto space?

I actually heard about it by chance. Bitcoin was starting to come into the mainstream at the time, but I was actually relatively late. I think it was probably only 5 or so years ago that I started to make a real commitment to getting involved. At the time it seemed really exciting to me so naturally I invested in some bitcoin and started reading articles, books and any content that I was able to get my hands on. From there it didn’t take long for me to transfer almost all of the money I had in fiat currency into crypto. I just couldn’t believe in the traditional system of finance anymore. It felt like everything that we had been taught previously was a lie and now all of a sudden I had the potential to understand it all and ask questions. 

If the government can just print money out of thin air, then why can’t I do the same? Why don’t I have the same power? It was from that point onwards that I began to develop an understanding of how money could be made digitally.


You’ve been involved in NFTs since the early days. Why are they so important for reshaping the way we do business?

I think that it is important to understand that NFTs are not just about the pictures and videos that we see being publicised in the media. But rather the technology behind NFTs and how we can use the smart contracts embedded within to protect and give ownership to data. 

Here’s this really interesting technology that allows you to trace and identify ownership of digital items like never before. That to me is more valuable than anything else. What I find so beautiful in this is, let's say you have a painter that sells a painting. The first time it’s sold they will obviously receive payment, but the second, third and fourth time they’ll get nothing. With Non-Fungible Tokens this changes. Every time there is a transaction of an NFT there is the possibility to identify the creator and make sure that a percentage of the purchase price is paid to the owner. Much like royalties in music. All of this is coded into smart contracts that can’t be changed or ignored. The potential for the technology to evolve from here is virtually endless. 


You’ve come on board as a partner and strategic advisor at Azqira. Can you tell us a little bit more about the business?

The best way to explain Azqira is the use of fractional investment in real estate to make investing accessible for almost anyone. Right now real estate is really expensive and not just anyone has a pile of money available just waiting to be invested. So right now Azqira has come up with a solution to help people gain access to the real estate market where before it was previously unattainable. We are able to use NFTs and blockchain technology to fractionalise the ownership of real estate projects. The investment is proved and locked in through the transparency of smart contracts in the NFTs as mentioned earlier. This shows that you have invested in the project and are entitled to ownership of that fraction of the development. Azqira deals with all the paperwork and red tape internally that would be part of the normal process of buying property and investors simply need to invest on the platform without any of the traditional hassles. From there you’ll get the chance to earn dividends from the potential success of these hospitality real estate projects. As far as I am aware there is no other project like this in the world.


Azqira helps people invest in real estate by utilising blockchain to fractionalise the ownership of properties around the world. Why do you think this is important?

I think this is probably the best investment that you can make right now because you are not just investing in something where you hope that the value is going to go up. Here we have data-driven sources and one of the most stable forms of investment being made available to almost anyone. We have a dedicated team of industry experts researching and sourcing the best hospitality real estate projects possible to add to our platform. So all the work has effectively been done for you. The only thing that is left to do is to choose the project that you are most interested in, then your amount and invest.


Opening up the doors to Investment in luxury real estate, who is Azqira for?

We are aiming for people that are all about freedom. That’s really the keyword here. In investing, in travelling and in living. Because what Azqira effectively does is allows people to invest in an accessible way and therefore creates this community who want to live more freely. That’s the kind of life that Azqira can give you. That's what we effectively want people to understand. So the brand really is a lifestyle that we represent. We are completely for those who are seeking to have more freedom in their lives. And of course, freedom means something different to everybody. But it doesn’t really matter if it is for travel, to gain a passive income, or to have some sun on the side. Azqira really is for everybody.

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