In conversation with Jesse Meester

In conversation with Jesse Meester

Interview by Chic Icon:

Today we are talking with Jesse Meester, our proud new Brand Ambassador and a renown entrepreneur, actor and a luxury travel influencer with 1+ million army of followers from all over the world. As an applied psychologist Jesse started writing a blog and a book about Intermittent Fasting for mind and body. His website, and aspires to educate clients in the larger philosophy of life: “body, mind and psychology.” This early success led to publications in national newspapers. Jesse is currently selling online services and products from after winning the Dutch Fitness Awards in 2018 with the highest rating from clients in the city of Amsterdam.

1. Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Amsterdam, and have built a track-record with international clients as a serial entrepreneur, actor, public speaker and engaging audiences on issues like psychology and social media marketing. I started out as a young entrepreneur and actor after my service in the military. I found out that my psychology degree helped in resonating with playing characters as an actor. More so than drama or acting school, studying psychological behavior helped me to embody characters like my second nature.

Today, with my 1+ million following on all social media, I create online content modeling, acting, podcasting and doing film and TV. I’m always moving! I continue to look for the distinctive ability to live and give back more through philanthropy work.

Growth, distinctiveness, integrity and passion are the key concepts in how I keep innovating, not just as an entrepreneur, but moreover, as a human being.

2. How did Jesse Meester decide to go professional in fitness?

After seeing my own life change for the better I was inspired to do the same for others. It was my first step into my entrepreneurial journey. Due to a unique international team effort and a client-centered approach within the pillars of body, mind and psychology. We have the most elite coaches that help anyone achieve their goals. We do this by public speaking and one-on-one coaching.  I am able to use my intuition to connect with my clients, use various forms of artistry during the process of coaching and I am instinctually aware of my clients wants, needs, and pain points, which is why I’m a natural at helping them visualize a solution to their problem.

3. What was your way to become a renowned Instagram influencer?

It was never the goal but through consistent content creation it just happened. Even before I did big acting gigs I knew how to build a social media platform and reached 80K. Now 21K on TikTok which is simply through content. Listening to your followers and asking them what they want to see. They love my luxury lifestyle and seeing a little bit of “edgy” pictures, now and then. My main passion has always been acting and helped build my following even more. 

“Growth, distinctiveness, integrity and passion are the key concepts in how I keep innovating, not just as an entrepreneur, but moreover, as a human being.”

4. How do you choose your trips?

Honestly, just like most of my followers, through Instagram inspiration. I look at hashtags, location tags and pictures. If I like seeing something I research it and start planning to go there.

5. What are the most memorable trips you’ve done so far?

Maldives and Hawaii are my top 2. I don’t think it needs any explanation. It’s a paradise and I’m always extending my trips there. Especially Hawaii is a place where I see myself living in the future.

6. Which luxury brands does Jesse Meester work with during your amazing trips?

The Luxury Collection is my main brand because I know I can usually expect a consistent level of luxury.

7. Tell us about your new jewelry business?

I started a webshop together with a group of business women in the Diamond District NYC to carefully design unique and handcrafted pieces of the best quality. I want to celebrate the femininity through art and design. I love jewelry on women and we now offer custom projects and work with any budget and a 3D-model before we start crafting.  

8. What are your plans for the near future?

The present moment is all we ever have. All I know is that I have today. Tomorrow is not promised so I’m careful with planning even the near future. When the situation in the US improves I do hope to get back to my apartment in NYC.

9. What is CHIC ICON to you?

A way of life. Striving for excellence and the finer things in life.   

10. What do you think of being a part of CHIC ICON team as a Brand Ambassador?

I personally resonate with CHIC ICON due to my lifestyle.  Being a Brand Ambassador allows me to have accessible luxury communication,  evolving and engaging people through excellence in all areas of life. 

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