Jesse Meester's book back in stock for pre-orders

Jesse Meester's book back in stock for pre-orders

The signed books are back in stock! You can find them here for pre-order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks due to international shipping delays. This is the signed version (pre-order) after selling out. The non-signed book will be back in stock soon!

Jesse Meester is an award-winning personal trainer and applied psychologist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After his life-changing experience by intermittent fasting and helping thousands of clients he decided to spread the message. This book is a must-read if you want to:

- Lose weight easy and feel more energetic
- Become slim and fit without calorie counting and removing your favorite meals.
- You want to burn calories even while you sleep?
- Have better skin

Are you aware that your body can become a powerful, fat-burning machine even if you're sleeping? 

Unlike other weight loss gimmicks, intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is a pattern of eating. It is a way of carefully scheduling your meals so that you get the most benefits out of them and achieve health and weight loss. This guide will be your handy companion as you work through and embark on your intermittent fasting journey. Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle!

You will learn to:

- Reach your ideal weight by combining intermittent fasting and the mind
- BURN your unused reserves of fat
- Know how your body works to take advantage of your own body
- Tips and tricks to transform your mentality and live in peace with your body

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