TraxNYC and Jesse Meester Collab

TraxNYC and Jesse Meester Collab

On July 1st, 2019 Jesse Meester officially launches the new line with TraxNYC: exclusive custom made jewelry for women. He currently works together with a group of women and his friend Max in the Diamond District NYC to carefully design unique and handcrafted pieces of the best quality. 

TraxNYC is a jewelry firm located in the heart of the diamond district in Manhattan, NY. In business since 2005, our company is committed to providing the widest selection of hot diamond and gold jewelry at the best wholesale values. 

We specialize in creating custom jewelry pieces for one-of-a-kind memories and wishes and in mens jewelry. View our hand-picked diamond jewelry collection. Every item on our website can be customized to your specifications. 

Custom work: Our customization process provides precision jewelry using a high-tech process to deliver exactly what the customer wants. We’ve done everything from representations of cartoon figures (Smurfs, Spongebob Squarepants) to cars and guns, to even our customers’ own drawings. We create a computer model of the piece that is then printed in hard wax by a computer. This full sized example of the jewelry is sent to the customer for verification and any changes are made. After that, we use that same 3D printer to make the wax model that will be used to make the mold for the gold or silver. This ensures that the customer is along the whole way on the creation of their jewelry and they get what they want every time.

Stay tuned because will keep releasing unique and handcrafted pieces soon from Trax and Meester!

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