About Us

Jesse Meester, born December 21st, 1992 in Amsterdam, has built a track-record with international clients as a serial entrepreneur, actor, public speaker and engaging audiences on issues like psychology and social media marketing. He started out as a young entrepreneur and actor after his service in the military. He found that his psychology degree helped him in resonating with playing characters as an actor. More so than drama or acting school, studying psychological behavior helped Jesse embody characters like its second nature.

As an applied psychologist he started writing and started a blog and book about Intermittent Fasting for mind and body. His website, jessemeester.com and meesterpt.com aspires to educate clients in the larger philosophy of life: “body, mind and psychology.” This early success led to publications in national newspapers. Jesse is currently selling online services and products from jessemeester.com after winning the Dutch Fitness Awards in 2018 with the highest rating from clients in the city of Amsterdam.

Today, with his 1+ million following on all social media, he creates online content modeling, acting, podcasting and doing film and TV. His entrepreneurial and acting endeavors are always his primary focus. Jesse is always moving. He continues to look for the distinctive ability to live and give back more through philanthropy work.

Growth, distinctiveness, integrity and passion are key concepts in how he keeps innovating, not just as an entrepreneur, but moreover, as a human being.


On July 1st, 2019 Jesse Meester officially released their collab with TraxNYC to create custom made jewelry. He now closely works together with a group of women in the Diamond District NYC to carefully design unique and handcrafted pieces of the best quality. 


In 2010 while running jessemeester.com, Jesse Meester often times shut himself away in his kitchen and started hand-crafting, tasting and refining the healthy coffee blends. Basing each blend on the top notch of farmers in Brasil, Guatemala and Colombia. It took years of finding the right people before Caffe Meester was even a plan. Every single process was carefully analyzed with quality over quantity. It has been Jesse’s side project for years. He wanted to create something that not only tasted great, but contained all the wonderful health benefits combined with science, fair trade and the theater of barista-craft. Thus, Caffe Meester was born.

Still in his native Amsterdam, Netherlands he unlocked his kitchen and got as many people as he could find to give his new invention a try. Initially selling it through a few local coffee shops, the reception was great, yet one issue close to the heart of any coffee drinker kept popping up: consistency. Put simply, there was no way to guarantee that each cup of would taste as great as the last, and it was still lacking in the complete “Barista Experience” that Jesse craved for so long. 

Then, at the start of 2015 Jesse contacted farmers directly and followed several masterclasses from coffee plant to cup of coffee . There was so much more to understand about coffee beans and creating the right blend from the Body-Mind-Soul vision at jessemeester.com. Especially one which is made to fit all major coffee machines. Ensuring the hot water is pressurized and blended with the coffee the right way and without losing all health benefits. The handle guarantees not only that each cup of Caffe Meester tastes just as great as the last, but that all the health benefits come through in just the right amount. By this point we had already added a dynamic structure to our repertoire, and following up with the lab, many tastings layers, Caffe Meester was finally ready for the market when found the right Fair trade seller. 

The purpose of this coffee was not yet to brand out there because Jesse wanted it to be a selective brand first. If the coffee is ready then we will start branding. Quality over anything.

After the great success of our private blend to consumers we now started with delivering to businesses too. 

 For a wider audience from me to you and, fingers crossed, hopefully one day, a coffee house near you. 

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